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Fungicide with new exclusive molecule launched in Paraguay

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According to the manufacturer, the novelty contains a unique molecule, Inpyrfluxam, with Japanese technology Indiflin, whose mode of action and systemicity achieve "superior efficacy, safety, confidence, and satisfaction."
For the official launch of Planity, Summit Agro Paraguay made a presentation tour on the primary production points of the country with more than 400 producers and four talks.

According to Global Development Manager for Summit Agro, agronomist Marcos Mares, the fungicide spreads quickly in the plant, thanks to the combination of the Indiflin (6%) and Tebuconazole (20%) molecules.

″It is an innovative solution that maximizes productivity and profitability. Planity signifies efficiency, safety, trust, and satisfaction,″ Mares said.

He pointed out that its use together with a multisite (Mancozeb) and a mineral oil adjuvant plus silicone is essential. "Due to the characteristics of fungicides, adding an adjuvant is necessary to achieve this rapid penetration and high systemic effect, to protect the productive potential."

The Inpyrfluxam molecule is the new carboxamide, highly systemic. It has the Rainfastness technology, with speedy absorption – which guarantees that rain close to the application will not affect its quality (up to an hour).

″Tebuconazole is a triazole with an excellent curative effect. It has a wide spectrum of control and is the best partner for the Indiflin,″ engineer Mares highlighted.

As for the results in the region, he commented that efficacy trials of Planity versus different succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors (SDHIs) in controlling soybean rust were conducted in Brazil.

The works showed that Indiflin is the most effective: ″In productivity, in 137 trials, we had Planity with a superior performance response. That is why we say that the Planity application delivers more kilos of soy."

Summit Agro Paraguay was established in 2020, and in 2021 it began its commercial activity. Today, Paraguay is already the third most important market for the company, after Brazil and Argentina.

The company also revealed that it has another new fungicide, which is in the process of being registered. ″We seek to bring more Japanese technologies to Paraguay,″ said the president of Summit Agro Paraguay, Sho Hashimoto.

Foliar and root diseases cause yearly losses of between 15% and 40% in soybeans.

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